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Meet the Founders

Posted on April 18 2016

Ever wonder about the brains behind the bauble? Meet our founders; Danielle Bernstein, Ashley Graver, and Tara Mullally.

Introduce yourselves:

Body Bauble was started by best friends and young entrepreneurs. Danielle, with her love for fashion, founded the highly successful fashion blog WeWoreWhat. Ashley works at a Spotify where each day she works with her passion for music. Tara, our consulting expert works at an alternative asset management firm. Together living in NYC, these three best friends have combined their love and skills for the fashion, music, and business world creating Body Bauble; the leading #facejewel and next step in beauty applique.

How did Body Bauble start? Tell us like the nitty gritty, raw real details.

Body Bauble began as a solution to creating something new and different for festival season. After the Givenchy fashion show during Paris fashion week, we realized that face jewelry was quickly becoming a new trend. We uber’d over to M&J Trimmings and scoured the store for the best colors and shapes in Swarovski crystals. Sitting on an apartment floor till all hours of the night, we got our hands sticky and glued together dozens of designs until coming up with our Desert Road collection. We researched companies that could help us make our designs come to life and thus Body Bauble began.

How do you guys wear Body Bauble?

Essentially we made Body Bauble to wear to music festivals, but have quickly realized from our customers that they are much more versatile. Whether it is a pool party or night out, Body Bauble adds that little something special to any look.

What are creative ways to wear the jewels?

We’ve seen our customers wear Body Bauble amongst other face jewelry and body tattoos and in different places than we suggest with packaging. They have gotten creative, cutting and pasting different parts of our designs some above and many under the eyes. We’re seeing more and more customers placing our designs on the body which is inspiring us to expand our designs in the next collection. Doubling up on two pieces also looks pretty awesome.

What’s a day in the life for each you guys? You guys are obviously entrepreneurs, tell us the BTS.

Each of us still work full time jobs, so the real question is, what’s a night in the life like? After work, all three of us meet up at Danielle’s NYC loft, working till all hours of the night on packing orders, designing product and working on the less glamorous side of business. Our group text is 24/7, bouncing ideas off of each other for different collabs, bookmarking and sharing inspo and customers photos and responding to inquires. Don’t worry, there is always a bottle of red wine and a few spicy tuna rolls in the mix to keep us going!

What’s next for Body Bauble?

We are currently working on our second collection, revising and refining our website, and learning from the feedback given by our customers. We plan to continue to grow the business organically and can’t wait for what the future holds!

Why does every girl have to have Body Bauble?

Body Bauble is the perfect accessory for every girl wanting to explore their individuality with beautiful and culturally relevant designs. It is the perfect accessory for the face and body and is chic, on-trend and provides subtle sexuality with a simple yet understated bohemian elegance. Each of our customers is considered a #BodyBaubleBabe, free to wear our designs however, wherever. We created these designs as a form of self expression and we hope that our babes are able to express themselves just the same.

We hope you enjoy!


Team BB

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